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Services offered

Website Design and Development

MyBlogGuy designs and builds websites that maximize a site's chances of being found by search engines with compelling visuals.

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Content Management

We know how to write compelling copy that engages customers and keeps them on the site. Plus, we know its not just what you say, but how it is said.

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Design for Mobile Devices, too!

(Responsive Web Design)

We create scalable architecture and infrastructure, so that your website will look great, not just on a computer, but on any mobile device

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Search Engine Optimization

Having a great-looking website is one thing, but it should be designed so that search engines will find it.We'll design your website so it maximizes your site's ability to be found.

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Domain Registration and Hosting

We'll do the work to register your domain and we can host it securely. If your website crashes, it's not working for you it's working against you.

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Network Security

With our optional MyBlogGuy Security, your website and your customer's valuable information will be guarded against uninvited access, modification.

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Social Media Advice

We offer services to help your business advertise through social networking sites like Facebook. We'll create blogs and write.

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Cloud Storage

MyBlogGuy Cloud Storage is an affordable, safe and secure option to store and back-up your files, so that you can access your files anywhere at any time.

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Print Media Services

We can consult on how you can use your web and social media content in print applications that you use to promote your business.

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